Tuesday, January 26, 2010


What do I wish to awaken? My passion. My creative vision. Greater levels of manifestation. This is what I wish for today and for quite a few tomorrows as well. My journey this year is really about diving into my deepest yearnings and giving them voice, letting them breathe fresh air and have the chance to flourish. I just need a few reminders. Thanks Jamie . . .

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So very cold and tired. Turning on the little electric heater beside the bed for some warmth, and lighting a few candles hoping to diffuse the chill in the air and the feeling of darkness closing in around me tonight. I am full of so many questions but no forthcoming answers. So for now I live the questions fully. I warm myself with miso soup, a dog cuddled across my belly, and books that prod me forward, one little step at a time.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The first new moon of the year along with a solar eclipse. Apparently one of the most favorable times to set intentions and put plans into action. I got my exercise, meditated and spent time writing, ate vegan, had a heart to heart with my partner and tried to get clear about my dreams and goals for the coming year. One thing that keeps appearing on that list is to revive the blog I started @5 years ago and abandoned after 6 months.

Well here is my intention and here is my commitment. Hopefully I'll weave together the elements of my life, thoughts, obsessions in a way that is useful to me and interesting to others.

It is here that I begin to gather and reassemble the fragments of myself that have gotten scattered over the last few years. Here is my hope that I am able to locate them like Isis gathering Osiris' body parts and singing an incantation over them to create wholeness, to revive her lover. May this blog be my song, a call to self-love, self-healing, and self-expression. A spell to revive and reinvent . . .